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  • Macally FLEXFITPAD Flexible Protective iPad Case | iPad Cases Blog

    Aug 8 • Uncategorized • 69 Views

    Macally, creators of the distinguished Macally BookStand for Apple iPad, showcases its new case for the shoppers with the Macally FLEXFITPAD.
    Lightweight and sturdy, Macally FLEXFITPAD features a pleasant dependable grip as it boasts a non-slip TPU material so it leaves your anxieties behind accidental slips. It is much softer plus it offers a solid scratch-resistance coating than a silicone skin can give you.
    Also, Macally FLEXFITPAD has a great clear cut access and solid button protection to the main ports and other buttons such as the sleep/wake button, screen lock orientation mode, microphone, 3.5mm jack, speaker grilles and the dock. It fits very beautifully on your Apple iPad, painless to remove plus it is quick and easy to put on your device. The look is absolutely awesome as it is a bit thin with a crystal-clear design that lets you see the authentic beauty of your admirable gadget.
    You can buy the Macally FLEXFITPAD Flexible Protective iPad Case straight through their official website for a price of $29.99. Amazon got you covered with the best deal as it has a discounted price of $22.41, a total of almost $8.00 in savings.
    Images courtesy of Macally.
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  • Treegloo Handmade Eco-Friendly iPad Cases | iPad Cases Blog

    Aug 8 • Uncategorized • 74 Views

    Living up to its name, Treegloo makes environment-friendly iPad cases which are unique and offers distinctive design options.
    You have a choice of selecting from professional designs or you can make your own. Each Treegloo iPad case is made-to-order (in the USA) which gives personality to your case and make it stand out.
    Made from animal-friendly artificial leather, this UV resistant iPad case from Treegloo uses particular adhesives which are safer for our environment. The padding of the case is eco-friendly as well. The foams applied in the corners of the case are permanently secured to the frame.
    Meanwhile, the frame that gives protection to your iPad is made from pine. Every frame is hand-sanded and sealed with organic sealant to give it a shiny finish and avoids from being dried when exposed to the sunlight.
    Ebony frames, on the other hand, are stained by hand with an unrefined pigment and covered for safety, resulting in a deep black shade though it still maintains a definite wooden grain. Expect the frames to be precisely cut for ports and buttons plus the paper liners are of top quality.
    Treegloo iPad cases offer a unique appeal to your iPad. You can buy the folio case on their official website starting at $35 (for natural frame). You have the power to customize from by picking the cover, liner and the frame itself.
    Images courtesy of Treegloo.

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  • Kensington KeyFolio iPad Case | iPad Cases Blog

    Aug 8 • Uncategorized • 74 Views

    Most users now look for more functional iPad cases more special features and useful functions. Kensington KeyFolio for iPad is truly a great innovation.
    The cover case is made from durable artificial leather that looks stylish. It doesnt only prevent possible damages from hurting your iPad but it also provides an integrated Bluetooth keyboard. The built-in QWERTY keyboard has rubberized keys which are also spill-proof so you wont have to worry about it too much. These rubberized keys also prevent your iPad from getting scrapes and scratches especially when the cover is closed. According to Kensington, the keyboard also runs on its own power supply for months.
    The cover of Kensington KeyFolio also doubles as a stand that allows hands-free viewing. The stand is also adjustable so you can position it into several different angles. Access to your iPads functions is relatively easy as well. However, you cant charge your iPad and KeyFolio with only one connection since it has its own microUSB jack.
    Kensington KeyFolio iPad case retails for $99.99 each and can now be pre-ordered on their official website. Shipping starts sometime in October.
    Images courtesy of Kensington.
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  • Blythe King iSockit Vintage Fabric iPad Case | iPad Cases Blog

    Aug 8 • Uncategorized • 81 Views

    Go retro with the iSockit Apple iPad Case by Blythe King! It is manufactured from extremely soft tartan fabric which aims to protect your device from scratches, scrapes, dirt, dusts and other impurities.
    This iPad case has a sheer and outstanding design which features a buttoned closure flap and an extra small pocket at the face of the case perfect for pens, pencils and anything thin.
    It is a sleeve type of case, which requires you to remove the device from the case to access all the main controls and buttons. It is truly a one of a kind offering from Blythe King that will surely stand out from the rest of the cases in the market today.
    Everything at Etsy is handmade and this case is no exception, it was constructed with a lot of effort and dedication just for your Apple iPad. With a great deal of designs to choose from, the iSockit iPad case is priced at a range of $75.00-$95.00 depending upon the style of the case.
    You can buy iSockit iPad Case directly at Etsy or on Blythe Kings official website.
    Images courtesy of Blythe King.

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  • Speck-tacular iPad Cases: CandyShell and PixelShield | Ipad Cases Blog

    Aug 8 • Uncategorized • 56 Views

    Speck has added two more iPad cases from its inventory and they did not disappoint.
    First, they released CandyShell to the public. It has a unique design which comes with a hard shell case but has a soft, rubber-like internal layer. Button covers and front bezel provides shock absorption and security.
    One of the few iPad cases which is compatible with the iPad dock as well as the iPad keyboard dock. The only downside of this iPad case is it does not offer frontal protection.
    Buy it on Amazon for only $36.95! Save $13.00 or 26% as it originally retails at $49.95.
    Second, PixelShield is a pocket type, travelling case suitable to travellers who frequent airport security or bumps everyday on the commute.
    It provides three layers of protection for the iPad. Exterior: textured neoprene makes your iPad a breeze to carry without worrying about its safety. Side: screen layer is tough and flexible which guards from impacts. Interior: soft, micro-fleece avoids scratches.
    We suggest that you place the screen of the iPad on the harder side of the case.
    Buy it on Amazon for only $24.99! Save $14.96 or 37% as it is sold on Specks official website at $39.95.

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  • Over 500+ iPad Cases for iPad 2 & The New iPad 3

    Aug 8 • Uncategorized • 35 Views

    iPad Cases
    Think back to the day you bought your iPad. Do you still remember how you held it so carefully in your hand like it was the most precious thing in the world? Do you still remember imagining how you’d use it a day later, a week later, a month later, or even a year later? Do you still remember wondering how your family and friends would react when they saw it in your hands? It was such a thrill, wasn’t it?
    Here at iPhoneXCases, we’ve involved ourselves in a mission to protect your iPad from unwanted damage so that you can continue to experience that thrill every time you use your beloved iPad. With our massive collection of strong and durable iPad 2 cases, we want to help protect your iPad against unsightly scratches, dents, or bumps, at the very least. However, our iPad cases may even save you the anguish of losing your iPad to potentially dangerous falls, drops, hits, and bashes. The iPad cases you see here on iPhoneXCases are designed to withstand most of the common perils your iPad might face as you go about your daily activities, no matter how rigorous they may be. With an iPad case your iPad will continue to be safe from harm whether in the office, at home, or while you’re out on the go, so don’t go anywhere without it!
    But our iPad 3 cases here at iPhoneXCases are far more than just about protection. In fact, for the stylish and trendy, iPad cases take on an entirely different function altogether – they help to give their iPads the same fashionable looks to match their personal sense of style. iPhoneXCases helps you stay up-to-date with the latest fashions through our wide variety of design options in hard plastic, soft silicon, leather, or even other more exotic materials like crocodile skin or aluminum. You’ll always find an iPad case that will fit your unique personality here at iPhoneXCases, whether you like to be edgy, unique, chic, or fit for the office. You can choose from cartoon designs or serious and formal fit for work leather or classy sequined designs and more! And our iPad cases even have features like extra pockets for pens and cards or special stands to fit your individual needs. And you won’t have to hold back when purchasing iPad cases from us so that you always have one to fit any occasion, our iPad cases are so affordable you’ll probably be tempted to buy more than one!

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  • KeyCase iPad Folio with Integrated Bluetooth Keyboard | iPad Cases Blog

    Aug 8 • Uncategorized • 47 Views

    Are you one of those people who find it quite difficult to type on your iPad? Weve found an answer. Another innovation has emerged an iPad case with a built-in keyboard! How amazing could that be?
    This folio type case is a wonderful creation that covers your iPad and protects it against potential damages such as dirt, scrapes, scratches and dents. It is made from leather and it also has a magnetic closure to secure your iPad inside. The edges are lined beautifully making the folio case look elegant and classic.
    KeyCase iPad Folio functions not only as a cover for your iPad but it also boasts a Bluetooth 2.0 silicone keyboard that instantly connects and turns your iPad into a laptop for your typing needs. Typing on your iPad has never been easy with this genius innovation. It is truly multi-functional since you can also fold the keyboard when not in use to reveal a simple protective case.
    The keyboard has quiet keystrokes and it is both dust-proof and spill-proof so theres practically no need for you to worry about a thing. It also features an auto sleep mode after being idle for 10 minutes to automatically save its battery life. Also, conventional Apple power cables are used for charging the keyboard so you dont need to buy special cables for it.
    So get yourself a KeyCase iPad Folio with Integrated Bluetooth Keyboard to enjoy these wonderful features. It retails for 59.95 and is available only in Black color. You can purchase it here.
    Images courtesy of GearZap.
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  • The iChair iPad Case | iPad Cases Blog

    Aug 8 • Uncategorized • 39 Views

    Type, rotate, adjust, view the options are endless with iChairs sleek, new, stylish case it doubles as a lightweight, practical, and durable stand that seamlessly accommodates you while youre on the go.
    Whether youre checking your email, updating your Facebook status, or just making a note on your to-do list, youll find this all-purpose iPad stand to be a case you cant live without!
    Slip One On: Designed for ultimate sleekness, the iChair achieves what other cases cannot: dual-layer protection along with an ultra-slim design, allowing for sleek portability.
    Protect Your Investment: The micro-fiber interior absorbs each impact creating a padded surface for ultimate protection. The polycarbonate exterior shields the iPad from bumps, drops, and scratches while the rubber coating provides an easy grip and velvety feel.
    Best Seat in the House: The integrated rotating stand creates multi-view capabilities in both landscape and portrait mode. The adjustable stand also pulls out allowing you to find the perfect angle and position for unrestrained usage.
    The Ultimate Multi-Tasker: 2-piece case effortlessly glides on and locks securely in place, while preserving easy docking capabilities and unhindered access for third party accessories.
    Touch and Go: Integrated pull out tab for easy typing at a perfect angle.
    Vanity Kit: Comes equipped with a spare slider, screen protector, dust cloth, and squeegee board.
    Check out the iChair on www.goichair.com and order one today!
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  • Incase Convertible Book Jacket: Functional iPad Case | iPad Cases Blog

    Aug 8 • Uncategorized • 47 Views

    Incase offers a refreshing and unique product for your Apple iPad, the Incase Convertible Book Jacket.
    It has numerous amazing and steady viewing positions, which are excellent for typing, reading and watching movies. The Incase Convertible Book Jacket tenders a full all leather iPad Protection with a book feel.
    Your iPad can slide inside and fits within the case perfectly. There are cut outs for the bottom, side and top controls/ports. It features a nice convertible stand that is durable enough without worrying that it might fall down when typing.
    Incase Convertible Book Jacket also has a soft, spongy and foamy interior plus a padded exterior compliment for a better extensive custody. It also has a protective elastic strap at the back to make sure that your iPad is securely in place inside the case without the worry of accidental slips, designed specifically for bringing it wherever you will go.
    Wonderful case with a built-in stand, Incase Convertible Book Jacket delivers a great workstation plus entertainment case right on the money. You can buy it on their website for only $59.95 with black as the single color.
    If the price is not within your budget, theres also a Convertible Book Jacket on Amazon for only $27.99.
    Images courtesy of Incase.

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