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Initial Thoughts
We instantly took notice of Tom Bihn Ristretto Bags superior quality. The materials used in this iPad case were strong and sturdy. It is very detailed and obviously done with superior quality and care. The Tom Bihn logo at the bottom right side of the bag is sized enough to be seen.
Best Use
Tom Bihn Ristretto Bag is not only for the iPad but it can also be used as an everyday bag. There are several compartments to keep your day-to-day things. You can place small or big items inside because the compartments are quite spacious. It is an ideal iPad bag and a messenger bag at the same time.
The Ristretto Bag from Tom Bihn features a number of remarkable elements. First, it has a solid buckle for opening and closing the asymmetrical flap. When you open the bag, the interior has a different color that beautifully contrasts the exterior. There are layers of compartments inside. The first layer is an organizer when you can put small stuff like your pens, cell phones and other small things.
Next, theres a zipper compartment where you could place more important items like your wallet. The main compartment is divided into 2 portions by a built-in cache. The thick cache has 4 layers of Taslan that makes it soft yet strong. The back side is also padded with stronger foam for a better protection on your iPad.
At the back, there is a handle. The Ristretto Bag also boasts an absolutely strong shoulder strap that is made of neoprene pad. The length of the strap can be adjusted or it can even be removed by the connecting hooks so you have different carrying options. This shoulder strap magically makes the load half lighter than its actual weight. Moreover, theres another compartment at the back and another buckle strap that you can secure around your waist.
Tom Bihns Ristretto Bag is made of tough and durable materials. The exterior is made of 1000 denier Cordura and carefully lined with 500 denier Cordura. The Ristretto Bag consists of sturdy buckles and a zipper. The interior is padded with 4 layers of Taslan which is thick but feels soft. Your iPad is definitely secured inside this Ristretto Bag. The shoulder strap is made from neoprene pad that is soft and wide. The snaphooks also allow you to remove the shoulder strap and carry it by its top handle.
The Ristretto Bag is reasonably priced at $110 each. But its worth every penny because it serves not only as an iPad bag but it also functions as your everyday bag. You would surely get your moneys worth.
Tom Bihns Ristretto Bag for iPad is wonderfully made. The quality is superior and there isnt any hint of mass-production feel. It also serves dual function an iPad bag and your daily messenger bag.
The Ristretto Bag offers a number of amazing features like the asymmetrical flap, sturdy buckles and a zipper, a series of spacious compartments and the shoulder strap that can make the load feel lighter. Your iPad is also protected by a built-in Taslan cache.
Tom Bihns Ristretto Bag retails for $110 or add $20 more for an Absolute Shoulder Strap. It comes in 6 different color combinations namely Cocoa/Steel, Olive/Cayenne, Black/Wasabi, Cocoa/Cayenne, Black/Steel, Navy Steel, and Steel/Wasabi. You can get this iPad case on Tom Bihns official website.
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Jarteez Full Grain Leather iPad Case | iPad Cases Blog

Jarteez Cases are manufactured by craftsmen who give great importance to the finish and quality. The leather used is top quality leather (full grain) from Italy.
Jarteez, a company based in Paris, France has created some excellent looking iPad cases. Each case is made from full grain bovine leather from Italy, has a high quality look and feel and has a detachable shoulder strap for easy carrying. It also has openings to access the ports and buttons of the iPad. The case comes in 2 colors, Night Light (Black) and Sunshine (Light Beige).
Jarteez has extended a special offer for iPad Cases Blog users. Enter the coupon code iPadCasesBlog in the checkout and receive 10% off your order! Hurry because only the first 10 customers get the discount!
Shop Now
The design of both cases is simple and elegant. It has a detachable shoulder strap thats easy to adjust and openings to access all the ports and buttons of the iPad.
This case is made entirely of full grain leather from Italy. This gives the case a wonderful look and feel. The cloth interior was carefully chosen to match the leather used.
Height: 272 mm
Width: 210 mm
Thickness: 23 mm
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MobileVision Toblino Leather iPad Case | iPad Cases Blog

The professional look of the MobileVision TOBLINO leather iPad case is perfect for traveling to the office, school, or the corner coffee shop.
Uniquely designed for convenient use any time, any place, the TOBLINO case not only offers premium protection but it also doubles as a stand! Without ever taking the iPad out of the case, the TOBLINO allows you to prop up the screen at three different angles, for use on tabletops and desks or for hands-free viewing.
The TOBLINO exterior is made of genuine leather with a soft finish to provide ultimate protection for your iPad, with elegant styling and access to all buttons and ports. Inside, the gray plush microfiber interior keeps the screen free from scratches. Additional padding protects against sharp impacts and punctures, without giving up the slim look of the iPad.
With MobileVision Toblino Leather iPad case, you can go where you like and do what you like and look good doing it. It is priced for only $24.95.
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iPad Cases Blog

Powis iCase is a stylish case, inspired by the traditional book. This custom iCase enhances the sleek, streamlined look of the iPad, while offering quality protection.
It features a sturdy designer stand that offers 9+ positions for every activity and offers more than 40 handcrafted leathers and popular patterns.
So many choices! Whether you want a luxurious, handcrafted Spanish leather iPad case for work or a bright patterned iPad case for fun, Powis iCase has the iPad cover just for you. And if you have a special photo or design, you can use that too!
Weve counted 9 positions but you may find even more! Whether you are watching a movie, playing a game, writing emails, presenting to a colleague, or surfing the web, our iPad case will secure your iPad in the most comfortable position for your activity.
Sleek Design
Powis iCase offers protection that is worthy of your iPad. It maintains the iPads sleek design, weight and size while providing a stylish iPad cover of your choosing.
Snap In Case
Powis iCase offers a snap in frame to hold your iPad securely in place. Simply push down on the top edges to pop out your iPad (but why would your iPad ever leave?).
Wipe Cloth
Fingerprints and smudges on your iPad? Not when you have Powis iCase. It comes with a handy microfiber wipe cloth in a secret storage place.
Business Card Holder
Wish you had a place in your iPad case to store a few business cards? Well, wish no more. Powis iCase comes with a convenient business card pocket.
Hand Strap
The movable hand strap on your Powis iCase provides secure closure and carry. Take your iPad anywhere and know that it will never fall out of your grasp!
Powis iCase has the environment in mind! Fiber content of our handcrafted leather is 100% recycled cowhide fibers. All cases are constructed with 100% recycled board.
You can purchase this unique, stylish iPad case on www.powisicase.com.
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US+U Swivel Pro iPad Case | iPad Cases Blog

Designed to solve a specific functional challenge: We wanted a case that we could hold with one hand, at any angle without restrictions. We designed the Swivel Pro to do just that.
The first and only fully enclosed portfolio case with a 360 swivel handle. The case also includes a kickstand for the typing mode and a notch for the video angle. The Swivel Pro also has a pocket to hold miscellaneous papers/notes as well as a pen/stylus holder. The Swivel Pro comes with a one year warranty and uses a super soft suede on the inside to protect the iPad. In addition, for every Swivel Pro we sell were donating 3% of the purchase price to charity. There is no ending date or cap amount to the giving. The retail price is $59.95 at UsPlusU.com. Were also available in an ever growing number of retail locations.
The Swivel Pro is made of the highest quality man-made leather (animal friendly) with a very soft feel. The inside is fully covered with a micro-fiber suede to protect your iPads case.
Check out the US+U Web site for more information on the Swivel Pro iPad case.

9to5ipad | iPad blog news, reviews, apps, games, and Jailbreak

Anyone who owns a car and an iPad will probably want to know about some of the great apps out there, so Ive tried to show them a mixture of the best ones. [Read More] A designer always needs as much valuable tools as possible in their collection. If you have an iPad you might be surprised to know there are some marvelous apps you can now add to your list of tools. [Read More] Most people who run an online business will eventually want to break away from the office, so Ive talked about some iPad apps they will need if they want to work from the road. [Read More] I bet you always have your phone in your pocket no matter where you go. That means there is a good chance you have it whenever youre in the car, which is great because were going to look at some apps anyone with a vehicle will want to own. [Read More] Ive mentioned a few great travel apps people need to start using if they want to keep on top of everything.
Before you travel anywhere its always nice to know everything is already taken care of. You have an iPad so its important to know about the apps that will help you organize everything. Lets look at some of the great ones you need to test for yourself [Read More] The iPad 5 has not been released yet but there is a buzz all over already. People are excited to see what Apple has in store for them. Apple iPads have always been mans best friend since their birth. Be it reading a book, cellular activities or those pertaining to a computer, the iPad has answers to all human requirements and conditions. [Read More] iPads are tablets for which one of the main appeals is simply how convenient and easy to use they are. Compared to a full PC, these are incredibly light and will fit easily into a bag without adding too much weight or taking up too much space [Read More] If people want a little help organizing their home Ive talked about a few iPad apps that can help them.
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Kate Spade NY Darien Jan iPad Bag | iPad Cases Blog

Calling all ladies out there! This iPad bag is designed just for you!
Kate Spade, one of the leading brands of womens essentials, has a bag that can accommodate your precious Apple iPad. Made from soft, authentic cowhide leather, Darien Jan from Kate Spade will certainly provide class, quality, comfort and protection for your iPad.
This cross body bag features solid zipper closures for each compartment. It also boasts a 14-karat light gold plated hardware. There is also an adjustable strap that allows you to reach up to 22 inches in drop length.
Darien Jan also highlights its custom woven noel jacquard lining in stucco that looks wonderfully unique and feels extremely nice. Theres also the KSNY embossed signature on slim leather license plate in front.
Your iPad will definitely experience luxurious comfort inside this leather bag. Another iPad sleeve or snap-on case can also fit, giving your iPad dual protection. Darien Jan from Kate Spade retails for $195 each. It is only available in a classy purple color that women would love. So treat yourself and purchase this wonderful leather bag at Kate Spades official website.
Image courtesy of Kate Spade.
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Chima Designs iPad Case: The Crucial Case | iPad Cases Blog

Seattle native Udoka Chima started Chima Designs to create bold and innovative products. Their first creation is an iPad Case called The Crucial Case.
A former Mac store employee, Chima avoided the traditional designs and uses of a case in the market today. Instead, he pursued a simple-to-use case yet provides functionality, style and durability (yes, we mean pursued as they got the perfect case only after 15 prototypes).
Why Crucial? Essentially, it offers 5 use cases for your iPad and they say it is your best accessory when you travel. Made from ballistic nylon in Seattle, USA, you are sure to get a top quality and durable iPad case.
The Crucial Case also boosts your iPads functions as it simply transforms your tablet to a plane and car entertainment system. You can use it as a clip-on head rest mount while travelling by land. During plane travel, it can also serve as a food tray mount.
This rugged iPad case is very convenient as it features an adjustable kick stand. Its hand strap allows you to use your iPad grip-free. It also comes with pockets for other small item iPad accessories. Crucial Case has a dual-zipper style of closure for extra protection when not in use.
You can buy Chima Designs iPad case on their official website for $59.95. It is currently available only in black color.
Images courtesy of Chima Designs.
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modulR iPad Case | iPad Cases Blog

Introducing modulR, a unique iPad case and accessory system that fuses form and function in a whole new way.
The modulR iPad case is an iPad case + cover with extra protection and extra style. It protects your iPad and extends its uses by attaching to an ever-expanding line of accessories. The solid front cover offers extra protection when youre on the go.
You already know that the iPad is everywhere this holiday season. But what if your special someone already has an iPad? What can you get the iPad fan who has everything?
modulR is a great gift thats designed to complement the iPad. This unique iPad case and complete line of accessories allow the iPad to go places no other iPad has gone before.
– Slung across the shoulder for hands and hassle-free use
– On the fridge for recipes and shopping lists
– Propped up as a digital hub in the home or at work
– Attached to a headrest to keep the kids quiet
– Snug one-handed comfort and control
And unlike the iPad, modulR falls into most gift budgets with the Case + Cover going for $49 and accessories from $15 $29.
modulR is currently available with FREE domestic shipping at www.modulRcase.com.
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Win FREE M-Edge Trip Jacket and Gecko Guard iPad Screen Protector! | iPad Cases Blog

We are happy to announce our 4th iPad case contest. In this giveaway, three (3) lucky winners will get the following iPad case and iPad screen protector:
1 M-Edge Trip Jacket iPad Case (valued at $49.99)
1 Gecko Guard Premium iPad Screen Protector (valued at $19.99)
1 Gecko Guard Anti-Glare iPad Screen Protector (valued at $29.99)
To enter the contest, you should:
1. Follow @iPadCasesBlog on Twitter.
2. Click the link here to tweet this message: Follow @iPadCasesBlog and get a chance to win a FREE iPad case and iPad screen protector. More info here: http://bit.ly/9XvSnS #iPad
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We will select the winners on September 2 at 12 midnight EST. Three (3) lucky iPad users will be randomly selected.
For the first time in our contest history, we will not restrict anymore the location of the contestants. Anyone can join!
Below is the description of M-Edge Trip Jacket iPad case on their official website or you can read our review here or watch our video review on YouTube here.
Also, you can find a writeup on Gecko Guard iPad Screen Protector here or you can read the description below from their official website:
*M-Edge & Gecko Gear gave us a sample Trip Jacket & Screen Protector, respectively, for review and we are now giving it away.*
Images courtesy of M-Edge and Gecko Gear.
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