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Incipio Tek-nical iPad Case Review | iPad Cases Blog

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Its incredible to have an iPad bag that transforms into another iPad sleeve. Incipio offers Tek-nical which is exactly like that. You get 2 covers in one iPad case. Carry it in style or put it in your bag, this case certainly provides protection against damages on your precious iPad.
Initial Thoughts
We instantly liked this simple, black iPad bag from Incipio. It really looks nice and the materials seem very durable. Just by touching and looking at it, we could say that the quality is impressive.
Best Use
Incipios Tek-nical is perfect for traveling because it can be a bag and sleeve at the same time. It also offers maximum protection against scrapes and scratches when you travel. You can carry it with ease or simply tuck it inside your bag without worrying about the damages that your iPad might encounter.
This simple carry-on bag can be converted to another iPad sleeve. You just have to slip the handles inside the front and back pockets. Then, it instantly becomes a sleeve that you can put inside your bag. The front and back pockets are both soft and smooth inside. Theres also plenty of room where you can put your iPad accessories like earphones, charger, cleaner or just about anything. The zippers do not open 360 degrees which is great because theres lesser possibility that your iPad might fall out of the case.
This bag / sleeve is made from superior foam that feels really nice and gives protection to your iPad against minor shocks or bumps. It looks very durable and the stitches were carefully done. Youll notice that there isnt any mass-production feel in it. Then, the interior has velvet-like material which is really soft and smooth. It seems like your iPad is lying on a very soft and comfortable bed.
Incipios Tek-nical iPad case retails for $34.99 and is available only in Black. Its really worth the price because youll get not only a bag but another iPad sleeve as well.
Incipios Tek-nical is an amazing iPad case that is both a bag and sleeve for your iPad. It is made of high-quality materials so you are assured that the case is very durable and will last for a long time. However, the only downside that we can see is that the exterior attracts dust particles and fur especially when you have pets at home. It sticks on the surface so it takes a little while for you to remove it.
But other than that, we strongly recommend Incipios Tek-nical because its a 2-in-1 iPad cover that protects your iPad from the daily damages. Youll get a case that has dual functions for $34.99 and you can purchase this on their official website or you can save more on Amazon as it is only priced at $31.75.
Disclosure: We were given by myIncipio this sample for review and we were not compensated in any means.

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