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IvySkin Unveils Two New iPad SmartCases | iPad Cases Blog

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If you want high-performance iPad Cases, IvySkins Xylo-T4 and Quattro-T5 should be in your shortlist.
Both cases feature a 100% shock-proof, solid PolyCarbonate structure, making them one of the most durable iPad cases in the market today. Its body cover guards against shocks, sudden drops and unexpected vibrations for the toughest security possible.
IvySkin provides a corrosion-resistant, anti-scratch smooth feel surface which guarantees that the iPad cases preserve their sleek design and pristine look.
SmartCase comes with a superior 3000mAh internal battery for back-up and precise power. Also, a jagged Touch-Thru glass keeps the display protected and endures tough use. Further, the foldable snap stand allows a hands-free control of the iPad.
All IvySkin iPad cases include the exceptional anti-dust soft touch finish. With custom-designed grips, iPad cases from IvySkin provide excellent feel.
You can pre-order IvySkins Xylo-T4 ($39.99) and Quattro-T5 ($69.99) at their official homepage www.ivyskin.com
Images courtesy of IvySkin.
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