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We found ourselves searching for a leather sleeve deserving of the content it would be holding. Our relentless journey through the interwebs proved fruitless and we took it upon ourselves to build a sleek, minimal alternative to the plethora of cases out there.

All materials for the leather goods are hand picked and sourced in the USA. They feature a semi-rigid construction with just enough padding to protect in a reasonable manner. They are crafted by hand locally in limited quantities of 50 per run. Each piece is custom fitted for the iPad. The design is minimal and complements the devices that are placed inside. We find most cases on the market to be over engineered and redundant. The iPad was meant to be held, flesh to aluminum.

Whats the point of protecting a device at the expense of experiencing its form the way it was intended? Were tired of the whole boy in the bubble mentality of the case market and set out to make something a little darker, with more of a focus on the quality of the product itself rather then how many features it has.
Insanely simple.

Check out Autums Web site to purchase this insanely simple and elegant iPad case.