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Seattle native Udoka Chima started Chima Designs to create bold and innovative products. Their first creation is an iPad Case called The Crucial Case.
A former Mac store employee, Chima avoided the traditional designs and uses of a case in the market today. Instead, he pursued a simple-to-use case yet provides functionality, style and durability (yes, we mean pursued as they got the perfect case only after 15 prototypes).
Why Crucial? Essentially, it offers 5 use cases for your iPad and they say it is your best accessory when you travel. Made from ballistic nylon in Seattle, USA, you are sure to get a top quality and durable iPad case.
The Crucial Case also boosts your iPads functions as it simply transforms your tablet to a plane and car entertainment system. You can use it as a clip-on head rest mount while travelling by land. During plane travel, it can also serve as a food tray mount.
This rugged iPad case is very convenient as it features an adjustable kick stand. Its hand strap allows you to use your iPad grip-free. It also comes with pockets for other small item iPad accessories. Crucial Case has a dual-zipper style of closure for extra protection when not in use.
You can buy Chima Designs iPad case on their official website for $59.95. It is currently available only in black color.
Images courtesy of Chima Designs.
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