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Domenico Dolce & Stefano Gabbana, founders of the D&G brand, rises to the occasion as they showcase their fresh brilliant design with their Apple iPad case line.
D&G sneaks out a preview of their Leopard spot loving with a look tremendously pleasant for the eyes of the fashionistas and goes very well with your wonderful device.
Be wild and in style with this case, you can easily slide your iPad and you are good to go. It protects your gadget from various damages and impurities, and it is absolutely the ultimate companion for a precise occasion that obliges some pinch of tamed behavior or lack thereof.
This case is intended for the bold and daring type ladies.
It will be available on their Cruise line 2011 with four locale colors to choose from, brown, yellow, red and green. Waiting game starts now with a price both of us are still pondering. One things for sure though, save some money because D&G does not come cheap.
Image courtesy of StyleList.
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