iPad Suede Jacket by Waterfield Designs | iPad Cases Blog

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Waterfield Designs offer a new line for your Apple iPad with Suede Jacket, which features ultra-thin suede sleeve that defends your iPad from scratches and light bumps.
It is extremely lightweight and has a remarkably tight fitting that stretches out and models to its fitness so you do not have to worry about fitting the iPad alongside invisibleSHIELD, bodyguardz, or any other protectors made specifically for your beloved iPad toward this case. You can remove your iPad smoothly as this suede jacket supplies a tab at the side handles and at the bottom for simple removal technique.
Manufactured from a truly delicate fabric so it does not just protect your iPad it also helps you clean your screen every time you put the device inside the jacket and pull it out.
If you want to carry your wallet and/or phone along with this sleeve, you can buy the Waterfield Design Suede Jacket Perfect iPad fit with pocket for only $25.00. The Waterfield Design Suede Jacket is also available without the pocket for an affordable $19.00 tag. You can buy it at SFBags official website.