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If you are looking for a tough, all-around and dependable iPad case, Kroo has a sleek Carbon Fiber EVA cover for you. It comes with a free iPad travel charger as well.
This fashionable iPad case has a molded external surface that provides great fell to the hands. It is solidly woven with a high quality EVA nylon material. Kroo integrated a shock absorbing sphere-shaped cell cushions to protect your beloved Apple tablet.
With its fabric, it provides better security for your iPad. It does not compromise the style and durability as it has an excellent strength-to-weight ratio. Also, this iPad case is resilient to unwelcomed hits, dirt and bumps.
The strength of this cover comes from its carbon fiber housing and Triple X-Y-Z Axis stitching. The double Z zippers come in handy to keep your gadget away from scratches and other abrasions.
You can buy the Kroo Carbon Fiber EVA iPad Case including a free iPad travel charger on Amazon for only $14.99. Save 57% or $20 from its retail price.
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