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Somewhere, sometime, it is bound to happen.
The ever-famous LV trademark will soon come to conquer your Apple iPad with two designs that will entrench the companys luxurious state.
Designer cases are flocking all over to the enchantment of the trendy shoppers. This LV case is remarkably convenient that can go with you as you travel, it is easy to slide your iPad in the case and slip the Louis Vuitton iPad case to your bag or just carry it around. It is very lightweight and provides you the timeless LV look that makes everyone want one. It tenders a genuine protection to your device with a micro fiber core that cleans your screen every time you slip your iPad in and out of the case. This sleeve is deeply stylish and minimalistic. It has a lasting appeal and an attractive workmanship that is really worth your hard-earned money.
Louis Vuitton iPad cases retail for a price of about $370-$390, just what you expect from an extravagant case. It has two designs to choose from, the Monogram and the Monochrome Damier Graphite. You can check their boutique and stores for availability.
Image courtesy of GQ.
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