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Introducing modulR, a unique iPad case and accessory system that fuses form and function in a whole new way.
The modulR iPad case is an iPad case + cover with extra protection and extra style. It protects your iPad and extends its uses by attaching to an ever-expanding line of accessories. The solid front cover offers extra protection when youre on the go.
You already know that the iPad is everywhere this holiday season. But what if your special someone already has an iPad? What can you get the iPad fan who has everything?
modulR is a great gift thats designed to complement the iPad. This unique iPad case and complete line of accessories allow the iPad to go places no other iPad has gone before.
– Slung across the shoulder for hands and hassle-free use
– On the fridge for recipes and shopping lists
– Propped up as a digital hub in the home or at work
– Attached to a headrest to keep the kids quiet
– Snug one-handed comfort and control
And unlike the iPad, modulR falls into most gift budgets with the Case + Cover going for $49 and accessories from $15 $29.
modulR is currently available with FREE domestic shipping at
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