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  • 4 New Booq Bags iPad Cases: Cobra Collection | iPad Cases Blog

    Aug 8 • Uncategorized • 7 Views

    Booq Bags, the makers of quality iPad cases, releases its new line of covers for your Apple tablet. Choose from 4 different, fresh cases for your iPad.
    Cobra Case L ($345) Cobra case is part of the lavish and advanced Cobra Collection from Booq. It features a solid security and sufficient interior volume, Nappa leather lining, all-gunmetal hardware, stylish nylon-twill trim and a surplus of organizational offerings and design solutions perfect for the always-on-the-go user with a Mac (up to 17 inch) or PC laptop (up to 15.6 inch), iPad, other documents and a plethora of accessories.
    Cobra Brief L ($255) Cobra brief provides a lush and fresh case to your laptop with a clean look and better functionality. It is made of tough materials which features a well cushioned and quilted compartment. It is lined with a smooth fabric to fit your laptop and has quick-access pockets especially made for your iPad.
    Cobra Slim L ($155) The Cobra Slim exudes confidence as it can be used as a laptop sleeve or a compact briefcase. It is perfect for those who carry their Mac or laptop and other essentials like the iPad. This case features a rubberized weather-resistant zippers and strong water-resistant rubberized base. It includes a detachable shoulder pad.
    Cobra Courier XS ($145) Cobra courier has a different approach with its design which is a very sleek and stylish iPad messenger bag you can just grab and go. It features a padded storage for your iPad, easy-access pockets and enough room for other accessories.
    Each Booq Bags Cobra iPad case is labelled with a Terralinq serial number made from gunmetal-frame. If ever you lose your bag, the Booq Terralinq service could help you find your bag, just register first to avail of the service.
    You can buy the new Booq Bags on their official website with prices ranging from $145 to $345.
    Images courtesy of Booq Bags.
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  • Gecko Traveller iPad Case Review | iPad Cases Blog

    Aug 8 • Uncategorized • 8 Views

    Whether you travel near or far, your iPad is safe with Gecko Traveller. This ultra thin iPad case gives adequate protection to your iPad against harmful factors that can damage your precious Apple device.
    Initial Thoughts
    The slim feature of this Gecko Traveller case really caught our interest. The padding feels really durable and the case can also widen to a great extent.
    The contrasting colors of Black and Red are appealing and make this case look more stylish.
    Best Use
    As its name suggests, it is ideal to use this case for travelling as it gives superior protection to your iPad without adding too much bulk. It is best to tuck it inside your bag when you travel instead of carrying it around since it does not have any handles for you to hold to.
    This super slim Gecko Traveller has tiny lined dots on the surface of both sides that serve as a design. There are also red stitches on the edges which are carefully sewn on the outside to give a more appealing look. Gecko Traveller has a wide opening on top to easily slide your iPad in. The interior boasts a soft red suede lining that is smooth and a protective padding that would shield your iPad from possible scrapes dents, bumps and scratches.
    The exterior is made of leather-like material that has tiny holes as a design. When you press this Gecko Traveller case, you can actually feel the durable foam that is quite hard but softer than a cardboard. It also has a protective soft lining on the inside to prevent your iPad from getting damages like scratches and scrapes.
    Gecko Traveller is reasonably priced at AU$29.95 which is approximately US$28.
    It comes in Midnight which is in Black and Red and the other color option is Grape which is in Purple and Pink combination.
    This Gecko Traveller is really slim and lightweight. The design looks simple yet stylish at the same time because of the red stitches that perfectly contrast the main black color of the case. The fit is somehow tight making it quite difficult to remove your iPad. Also, when you remove your iPad, the red suede interior seems to leave red smudges when you have ZAGG invisibleSHIELD on.
    But the sleek look of this Traveller case from Gecko is truly nice. The durable foam protects your iPad from possible damages that might occur. For only AU$29.95 or US$28, Gecko Traveller iPad case is already a good buy. You can purchase it on its official website.
    Disclosure: We were given a sample for review by Gecko Gear and we were not compensated in any means.

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  • Incipio Ultralight Feather Hard Shell Case for iPad | iPad Cases Blog

    Aug 8 • Uncategorized • 8 Views

    The Incipio line which is admired in iPhone, iPod, Macbook, Zune, Blackberry, Smartphone and other devices made its transition to the Apple iPad with Incipio Ultralight feather hard shell case.
    The most in demand Incipio feather product tenders an excellent protection at its finest and shows off a less than 1mm thin thickness, which is light as a feather that offers a supreme care deprived of the added bulk. Apart from the case, it comes with a silky screen protector, a cleaning fabric cloth, and a card for the screen protector application. It has a soft rubber exterior, and you can use the case along with Apples official iPad Dock and iPad Keyboard Dock.
    The Feather has a precise clean cut for main ports and controls plus it fits perfectly and looks deeply nice on the Apple iPad. Thin, sleek and sexy, Incipio supplies another elegant case for their consumers.
    It is available in five vivacious colors, Magenta, Purple, Charcoal, Frost and Black.
    Incipio Ultralight feather hard shell case for Apple iPad is available on their website for only $34.99.
    Images courtesy of Incipio.

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  • Incipio Ultralight Feather Hard Shell iPad Case Review | iPad Cases Blog

    Aug 8 • Uncategorized • 8 Views

    Wrap your iPad with a case that is as light as a feather. Incipio has devised a simple and ultra thin case that offers maximum protection against scratches and scrapes. Incipios Ultralight Feather Hard Shell iPad Case surely delivers.
    Initial Thoughts
    We instantly observed the simplicity of the case but its thinness certainly caught our interest. It is unexpectedly hard and seems very durable. When we gave it a try, it surely did not disappoint. We liked the fit of this Ultralight Feather on our iPad and how it keeps the iPads original look.
    Best Use
    Incipios Ultralight Feather Hard Shell iPad Case is ideal to use every day. It protects the edges and the back surface of your iPad from potential harm. The matte finish of the case feels nice on your grasp as it does not easily slip. This case also preserves your iPads beautiful sleek form.
    With only 1mm of thickness, it does not add any bulk at all. It also feels so light that you wont even notice that the case is there. This Ultralight Feather from Incipio can also be accommodated inside iPad bags and sleeves because of its thinness so you can provide dual protection for your iPad. It is also very form-fitting and the installation process takes no time. The ports and buttons are easily accessible though the top and bottom parts are completely exposed and do not really provide any protection.
    Made from ultra thin but strong polymer, this case is truly as good as a feather on your iPad. But the quality certainly does not come cheap. Incipios Ultralight Feather Hard Shell iPad Case is very tough and appears to be durable. It can really protect your iPad from possible scratches and scrapes.
    This extremely slim iPad Case costs $34.99 each and is available in various colors Black, Magenta, Purple, Frost and Charcoal.
    Incipios Ultralight Feather Hard Shell iPad Case is a wonderful case that truly protects while retaining your iPads genuine look and weight. It is very slim and lightweight. This case also fits perfectly well on your iPad. You can also use this protective case together with another iPad bag or sleeve and it would still fit just fine.
    But since it is very thin, it does really not provide adequate protection for accidental bumps or drops so you have to put extra care. Also, it has a tendency to leave fingerprints or sweat and oil on the case. But it can quickly be solved by wiping the surface as often as possible.
    Incipios Ultralight Feather Hard Shell iPad Case retails for a reasonable price of $34.99 and can be purchased on their official website or you can save more when you buy on Amazon as it is priced for only $26.50.
    Disclosure: We were given by Incipio a sample for review and were not compensated in any means.

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  • Speck Products Fitted Slim iPad Case | iPad Cases Blog

    Aug 8 • Uncategorized • 8 Views

    Sleek, stylish, a hint of sophistication and smarts; this hard-shell case with matte soft-touch coating becomes even more impressive if you match the fabric-wrapped back to your outfit, scarf, or tie.
    It just feels really good, and it looks good, too. This fitted slim iPad case comes in 5 unique and colorful designs. See below for pictures and how to buy one for the best price on Amazon.
    Place your iPad into the back half of the case, making sure you have it set the right way (check the headphone plug and 30-pin connector for alignment with the cutouts). Place the front of the case on top, again, checking for alignment to make sure you have it the right way. Start at one corner, and snap the two pieces together, going all the way around the edges till the two pieces are firmly seated together on all sides. To remove the Fitted iPad case, start at the button cutout on the side, and gently pull the top half away from the bottom half. Working your way around to the corners, un-snap all the way around until the two pieces are completely separated.
    0.71 x 7.7 x 9.79
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