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  • Incipio Tek-nical iPad Case Review | iPad Cases Blog

    Aug 8 • Uncategorized • 8 Views

    Its incredible to have an iPad bag that transforms into another iPad sleeve. Incipio offers Tek-nical which is exactly like that. You get 2 covers in one iPad case. Carry it in style or put it in your bag, this case certainly provides protection against damages on your precious iPad.
    Initial Thoughts
    We instantly liked this simple, black iPad bag from Incipio. It really looks nice and the materials seem very durable. Just by touching and looking at it, we could say that the quality is impressive.
    Best Use
    Incipios Tek-nical is perfect for traveling because it can be a bag and sleeve at the same time. It also offers maximum protection against scrapes and scratches when you travel. You can carry it with ease or simply tuck it inside your bag without worrying about the damages that your iPad might encounter.
    This simple carry-on bag can be converted to another iPad sleeve. You just have to slip the handles inside the front and back pockets. Then, it instantly becomes a sleeve that you can put inside your bag. The front and back pockets are both soft and smooth inside. Theres also plenty of room where you can put your iPad accessories like earphones, charger, cleaner or just about anything. The zippers do not open 360 degrees which is great because theres lesser possibility that your iPad might fall out of the case.
    This bag / sleeve is made from superior foam that feels really nice and gives protection to your iPad against minor shocks or bumps. It looks very durable and the stitches were carefully done. Youll notice that there isnt any mass-production feel in it. Then, the interior has velvet-like material which is really soft and smooth. It seems like your iPad is lying on a very soft and comfortable bed.
    Incipios Tek-nical iPad case retails for $34.99 and is available only in Black. Its really worth the price because youll get not only a bag but another iPad sleeve as well.
    Incipios Tek-nical is an amazing iPad case that is both a bag and sleeve for your iPad. It is made of high-quality materials so you are assured that the case is very durable and will last for a long time. However, the only downside that we can see is that the exterior attracts dust particles and fur especially when you have pets at home. It sticks on the surface so it takes a little while for you to remove it.
    But other than that, we strongly recommend Incipios Tek-nical because its a 2-in-1 iPad cover that protects your iPad from the daily damages. Youll get a case that has dual functions for $34.99 and you can purchase this on their official website or you can save more on Amazon as it is only priced at $31.75.
    Disclosure: We were given by myIncipio this sample for review and we were not compensated in any means.

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  • Win FREE M-Edge Trip Jacket and Gecko Guard iPad Screen Protector! | iPad Cases Blog

    Aug 8 • Uncategorized • 7 Views

    We are happy to announce our 4th iPad case contest. In this giveaway, three (3) lucky winners will get the following iPad case and iPad screen protector:
    1 M-Edge Trip Jacket iPad Case (valued at $49.99)
    1 Gecko Guard Premium iPad Screen Protector (valued at $19.99)
    1 Gecko Guard Anti-Glare iPad Screen Protector (valued at $29.99)
    To enter the contest, you should:
    1. Follow @iPadCasesBlog on Twitter.
    2. Click the link here to tweet this message: Follow @iPadCasesBlog and get a chance to win a FREE iPad case and iPad screen protector. More info here: http://bit.ly/9XvSnS #iPad
    For additional entries, you can do the following:
    1. Like iPadCasesBlogs Facebook Page.
    2. Subscribe to iPadCasesBlogs YouTube Channel.
    3. Subscribe to iPadCasesBlogs RSS Feed.
    4. Digg our contest post here.
    5. Hit the thumbs up (I like this) button on StumbleUpon.
    6. Bookmark our page on delicious.
    7. Comment on this post (you can indicate what entries you have done, if you have followed us on Twitter, liked us on Facebook or subscribed on our channel on YouTube & our RSS feed).
    We will select the winners on September 2 at 12 midnight EST. Three (3) lucky iPad users will be randomly selected.
    For the first time in our contest history, we will not restrict anymore the location of the contestants. Anyone can join!
    Below is the description of M-Edge Trip Jacket iPad case on their official website or you can read our review here or watch our video review on YouTube here.
    Also, you can find a writeup on Gecko Guard iPad Screen Protector here or you can read the description below from their official website:
    *M-Edge & Gecko Gear gave us a sample Trip Jacket & Screen Protector, respectively, for review and we are now giving it away.*
    Images courtesy of M-Edge and Gecko Gear.

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  • IvySkin Unveils Two New iPad SmartCases | iPad Cases Blog

    Aug 8 • Uncategorized • 9 Views

    If you want high-performance iPad Cases, IvySkins Xylo-T4 and Quattro-T5 should be in your shortlist.
    Both cases feature a 100% shock-proof, solid PolyCarbonate structure, making them one of the most durable iPad cases in the market today. Its body cover guards against shocks, sudden drops and unexpected vibrations for the toughest security possible.
    IvySkin provides a corrosion-resistant, anti-scratch smooth feel surface which guarantees that the iPad cases preserve their sleek design and pristine look.
    SmartCase comes with a superior 3000mAh internal battery for back-up and precise power. Also, a jagged Touch-Thru glass keeps the display protected and endures tough use. Further, the foldable snap stand allows a hands-free control of the iPad.
    All IvySkin iPad cases include the exceptional anti-dust soft touch finish. With custom-designed grips, iPad cases from IvySkin provide excellent feel.
    You can pre-order IvySkins Xylo-T4 ($39.99) and Quattro-T5 ($69.99) at their official homepage www.ivyskin.com
    Images courtesy of IvySkin.
    Tags: iPad Case, iPad Cases, IvySkin, Quattro-T5, Review, Xylo-T4

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  • Incipio Underground Felt Sleeve iPad Case | iPad Cases Blog

    Aug 8 • Uncategorized • 68 Views

    Give your iPad sufficient protection not only from damages but also from getting stolen. Incipios Underground Felt Sleeve can disguise your precious iPad and protect it from the hot glares of thieves and robbers. Its simple but looks like a more stylish envelope that you can carry around or place inside your bag.
    Initial Thoughts
    We first thought that this Felt Sleeve from Incipio is really simple. But the stitched pattern makes it look sleek and more classy. The texture feels ordinary but the quality is something that you are surely assured of.
    Best Use
    Incipios Underground Felt Sleeve is perfect for those who want to disguise their iPad since it really looks like an envelope. It is also great to use when youre always on the go because you can carry it just like a usual envelope or place it inside your bag. It offers enough protection against scratches and scrapes but it does not guarantee protection against drops and bumps since it is very thin.
    Even if the case is very simple, it still has a number of features to boast. It has a leather tab in the center for easy opening and closing. Theres a Velcro closure and a soft suede lining interior that ensures adequate protection for your iPad. The stitches on the sides are carefully done so youd know that each sleeve was thoroughly crafted.
    Incipios Underground is primarily made of felt-textured material that is quite soft but also has a grainy-feel in it. The edges are beautifully stitched which add more appeal and complement the over-all design of the sleeve. Then the interior has suede lining that makes the inside soft and smooth letting your iPad slide right in. Theres also a leather tab in the middle of the case to makes sure that your iPad is secured when you fasten it.
    This simple envelope-like iPad cover is reasonably priced at $29.99. Incipio has proven its quality time and again so you are assured that what youll get is something worthy of your money.
    It is clearly apparent that Incipios Underground Felt Sleeve is simple but you are guaranteed that the quality is great. The felt-textured material and soft lining interior wrapped around your iPad offer enough protection against scratches and scrapes. However, since it is very thin, it does not fully protect your iPad from drops and bumps so extra care should always be given. Nevertheless, this iPad sleeve is still exceptional in its own right. It acts as a normal envelope so people wouldnt know that theres an iPad inside.
    Incipios Underground Felt Sleeve retails for only $29.99 and can be purchase on their official website or you can save a couple of dollars on Amazon ($27.51).
    Disclosure: We were given by Incipio a sample for review and we were not compensated in any means.

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  • Mach 3 Composites Carbon Fiber iPad 2 Case | iPad Cases Blog

    Aug 8 • Uncategorized • 11 Views

    The new Mach 3 Composites Carbon Fiber iPad 2 case delivers style, function, and durability while protecting your new investment with our checkpoint friendly 100% carbon fiber iPad 2 case. Also, its the only carbon fiber iPad 2 case thats smart cover compatible!
    Each carbon fiber iPad 2 Case is hand made with the highest quality 100% carbon fiber 3k weave. Our molds and hardware have been custom made specifically for this iPad 2 case. This new carbon fiber iPad 2 Case is sleek, low profile, light and extremely strong. We designed this carbon fiber case for your iPad with the purpose of protection and style. This all new carbon fiber iPad 2 case from Mach 3 Composites works great with our larger briefcase style carbon fiber case for the ultimate in multi level carbon fiber iPad 2 protection. Let everyone know who you are!
    Note this is a pre-order item and will ship May 1, 2011. The pre-order price is $59.97 and will be raised to $69.79 on May 1, 2011 so get yours now!
    Check out www.mach3composites.com for more information and to purchase.

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  • PDair Quality Leather iPad Cases | iPad Cases Blog

    Aug 8 • Uncategorized • 11 Views

    PDair, makers of smart phone accessories for over 7 years, has revealed their line of iPad cases. We will try to summarize them below:
    PDair Black Leather Book-style iPad Case with Magnet Closure
    It is made from finest leather which is especially manufactured for your iPad. The magnetic closure allows this book-style case to open and close with ease. For the perfect polish, a white overstitching is added on this case.
    PDair Black Leather Business-style iPad Pouch (with Bonus FREE $10 iTunes Gift Card)
    The only difference between the Book-style case and the Business-style pouch is the design. This is a sleeve or pouch type of case which you can easily grab by hand and go.
    All PDair iPad cases are perfected and inspected by hand to ensure quality control before it leaves their shop. They are truly fashionable, practical and modern iPad cases.
    You can buy PDair Black Leather Book-style iPad Case with Magnet Closure on their official website for $79 (best price on Amazon starts at $59) while PDair Black Leather Business-style iPad Pouch is priced at $89 on PDairs homepage (best price on Amazon is at $99 which includes a $10 iTunes Gift Card).
    Images courtesy of PDair.

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  • The Good Flock iWooly iPad Case | iPad Cases Blog

    Aug 8 • Uncategorized • 9 Views

    Protect your Apple tablet with eco-friendly iPad case from The Good Flock with its iWooly.
    Made with virgin Pendleton wool, this vegetable dyed leather case is handcrafted in the USA. The Good Flock uses wholesome materials which rely on the potential of craftspeople who design the case with minimal waste.
    How iWooly is made? First, it all starts with the wool which is milled in the USA. Then it is hand-assembled by talented workers. After the iWooly is done, then it is shipped to the customers. The Good Flock products can be buried in your backyard after extensive use and it will not harm the environment.
    iWooly fits the iPad perfectly with measurements of 8.5 x 10 in or 21.6 x 25.4 cm. It comes in 5 different patterns, namely Native Pattern, Army Green, Charcoal, Lumber Jack (Red & Black) and Blue & Black designs.
    You can buy The Good Flock iWooly iPad Case on their official website for $60-$70. They offer free domestic shipping until November 15, 2010.
    Images courtesy of The Good Flock.
    Tags: Case, iPad, iWooly, Review, The Good Flock

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  • Transparent iPad Case: Speck SeeThru | iPad Cases Blog

    Aug 8 • Uncategorized • 7 Views

    Speck adds another case entry to their Apple iPad line with the Speck SeeThru iPad case.
    Made from polycarbonate material, this translucent case preserves the native look of your device. It does not lack any protection as it offers a rubberized face edge that defends your screen against scratches, scrapes and the like. The look is very simple but has a more than the basic features.
    It is a flexible case that has a nice grip at the back for additional support and to minimize the accidental drop occurrence.
    You can place the iPad from the keyboard dock without removing the case by just flipping the back portion of the case. This case is perfect for the consumers who do not want a case that is bold and daring, ideal for the very simplistic type.
    Speck SeeThru Apple iPad case is available on their official website for $49.95. You can get it on Amazon for a price tag of $33.63, a total of 33% discount. It is only available in a clear see-through look as per the case name.
    Images courtesy of Speck.

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  • Touchable Apple

    Aug 8 • Uncategorized • 8 Views

    Interesting article over at TUAW on the differences between the way Google and your Mac handle data which affects how syncing happens. Ive experienced this before unless you start from scratch with an empty address book and calendar and add your contacts via Google, youll have issues forever. The most important thing to do before setting up Google Sync is to take a backup of your data so that you can roll back if things go wrong.
    If you are currently using MobileMe to sync your data, its a good idea to switch off syncing as well while you play around with Google Sync. That way if something goes wrong, your MobileMe data wont get messed up too.
    With perseverance and a little patience, it is possible to set up reliable contact and calendar syncing with Google, but for me, the fire and forget nature of MobileMe is worth the 60 annual fee (less if you get it at Amazon).
    I ordered my iPad yesterday. Went for the 64GB Wi-Fi + 3G. Yes, I know its decadent and yes, I know I probably wont use the 3G feature that much and yes, I know Apple will probably release a new version next year that I will want. But I dont care. I am happy to pay the 100 extra for the peace of mind of knowing that I have 3G if I want or need it. I will also have the extra flexibility of being able to buy a micro-SIM card in Europe and making use of local data rates, rather than paying excessive amounts for roaming data.
    I have also ordered the Apple case, the camera connection kit and the dock to VGA adaptor. I held off on buying a dock (partly because the order was rapidly approaching 800) mainly because I am hoping that a 3rd party dock will become available that will allow the iPad to be used in both portrait and landscape modes. I already have an Apple Bluetooth keyboard so I didnt need one of those.
    As an aside, I wont be buying one of these (even though I really appreciate the design effort!).
    I have been holding off on posting about the new iPhone following all the news on Engadget and Gizmodo.
    I dont agree with how Gizmodo acquired the allegedly stolen iPhone, how they posted about getting hold of it and especially naming and shaming the Apple employee who allegedly lost it.
    While this is certainly big news, I enjoy the months of speculation, rumour and anticipation leading up to an Apple event. Gizmodo have, to a certain extent, taken that away from us. Dont get me wrong, I understand what they were trying to do, its just the way they went about it that bothers me. For that reason, I wont be commenting any further on their iPhone 4 story and will continue to eagerly await the official announcement (expected in June) from Apple and Steve Jobs himself.
    Thanks Gizmodo, but no thanks.
    Update: Looks like the guys at Gizmodo have returned it to Apple. Good.
    Still not optimal I dont think but its the first time in over a year that Ive made a change to the dock.
    This is possibly one of the most exciting things Ive heard today:
    Instapaper is definitely coming to iPad.
    Awesome. If you havent used Instapaper yet, I urge you to give it a try. Its one of my most frequently visited websites and frequently used iPhone apps. I cant wait to give it a try on an iPad.
    Via The Instapaper Blog.
    I use Google Reader to keep up to date with whats going on in the tech world. I would be lost without it. I subscribe to around 100 news feeds (mostly tech related) and my stats page shows that I read around 1500 articles a month.
    I used to use the excellent Google Reader mobile web app to keep up to date when on the move, until I discovered Reeder by Silvio Rizzi. Reeder is a well-featured RSS reader which keeps you in sync with Google Reader (a Google account is required) and downloads your news feeds for offline reading.
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    Smoking Apples have a good introduction to the menubar in Mac OS X for beginners, taking you through how the menubar was introduced to some of the latest and most useful mini-apps that run in the menubar to increase your productivity.
    The menubar does need to be explained to new users. Its one of the most confusing UI changes when you switch over from a PC.
    viaSmoking Apples The Mac Menubar: Explained
    Finder on OS X is probably one of the biggest changes to switchers from Windows. I always recommend that people who are new to a Mac use the column view as I believe its the easiest way to navigate through the file system. One complaint that I often get though is that the columns are too narrow to see the full file name.
    Hovering the mouse over a file with a truncated file name will display the full file name in a yellow box, but thats not a very efficient way of working. Widening a column is as simple as dragging the handle (the box with two vertical lines) at the bottom right of the column to the right, double clicking it will automatically resize it to the width of the widest file name. However, this method only resizes one column at a time. To change the default width, hold down the Option key and then drag the handle. This will resize all columns in the current Finder window as well as new ones.
    In todays age, you pretty much have three options for running your own blog: Tumblr, Posterous and the venerable WordPress. Im not including the likes of Twitter or Facebook as a blogging platform as they dont offer the level of customisation I feel is needed to run a proper blog. Each of the big three also provide three iPhone apps with varying levels of functionality.
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    A few weeks ago, my colleagues MacBook Pro battery lost the ability to hold its charge for more than about half an hour. Not long after that, the laptop was making a fizzing noise when it was plugged in to the mains. A few days later, he noticed that the bottom of the battery had started to bulge and swell. Aftersearching online, we found that thiswasnt exactly uncommon.
    The MacBook was getting pretty old anyway and was due to be replaced so it was stored in its usual desk drawer until today when this is what we found. I think this is the worst example of battery-swelling weve seen. Needless to say, were a little concerned now!
    Let me know in the comments if this has happened to you! Another photo after the break.
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