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The new Mach 3 Composites Carbon Fiber iPad 2 case delivers style, function, and durability while protecting your new investment with our checkpoint friendly 100% carbon fiber iPad 2 case. Also, its the only carbon fiber iPad 2 case thats smart cover compatible!
Each carbon fiber iPad 2 Case is hand made with the highest quality 100% carbon fiber 3k weave. Our molds and hardware have been custom made specifically for this iPad 2 case. This new carbon fiber iPad 2 Case is sleek, low profile, light and extremely strong. We designed this carbon fiber case for your iPad with the purpose of protection and style. This all new carbon fiber iPad 2 case from Mach 3 Composites works great with our larger briefcase style carbon fiber case for the ultimate in multi level carbon fiber iPad 2 protection. Let everyone know who you are!
Note this is a pre-order item and will ship May 1, 2011. The pre-order price is $59.97 and will be raised to $69.79 on May 1, 2011 so get yours now!
Check out for more information and to purchase.

Kroo Carbon Fiber EVA iPad Case with Free iPad Travel Charger | iPad Cases Blog

If you are looking for a tough, all-around and dependable iPad case, Kroo has a sleek Carbon Fiber EVA cover for you. It comes with a free iPad travel charger as well.
This fashionable iPad case has a molded external surface that provides great fell to the hands. It is solidly woven with a high quality EVA nylon material. Kroo integrated a shock absorbing sphere-shaped cell cushions to protect your beloved Apple tablet.
With its fabric, it provides better security for your iPad. It does not compromise the style and durability as it has an excellent strength-to-weight ratio. Also, this iPad case is resilient to unwelcomed hits, dirt and bumps.
The strength of this cover comes from its carbon fiber housing and Triple X-Y-Z Axis stitching. The double Z zippers come in handy to keep your gadget away from scratches and other abrasions.
You can buy the Kroo Carbon Fiber EVA iPad Case including a free iPad travel charger on Amazon for only $14.99. Save 57% or $20 from its retail price.
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SwitchEasy RibCage: Not Your Ordinary iPad Case | iPad Cases Blog

SwitchEasy delivers its second case for the Apple iPad with the all new SwitchEasy RibCage.
The face has a bone-like design modeled after a ribcage that features an ultra tough overall protection for your iPad. It is manufactured from extremely long-lasting faux-leather that features a unique design. The back has a perfect fit Elasto-PU to make sure that your iPad is safe and sound inside the wonderfully designed sleeve.
The interior is a firm plastic frame and the bone like construction copied from the SwitchEasy Capsule Rebel Ms blueprint is also meant to shield your device from bumps, dings, drops and direct front hits as it absorbs the shock for the utmost protection for your screen.
It is available in black and white colors and with their famous line of everything but the kitchen sink? you will get the SwitchEasy RibCage protective sleeve along with two impressive portable fold-out stands (one white and one black) that suits your viewing pleasure, one anti-static screen guard for your iPad screen, one Microfiber cloth and a squeegee card for easy application of the anti-static screen guard.
You can buy SwitchEasy RibCage on their official website for $34.99 exclusive of $3.00 shipping.
Images courtesy of SwitchEasy.

Autum Straight Jacket | iPad Cases Blog

We found ourselves searching for a leather sleeve deserving of the content it would be holding. Our relentless journey through the interwebs proved fruitless and we took it upon ourselves to build a sleek, minimal alternative to the plethora of cases out there.

All materials for the leather goods are hand picked and sourced in the USA. They feature a semi-rigid construction with just enough padding to protect in a reasonable manner. They are crafted by hand locally in limited quantities of 50 per run. Each piece is custom fitted for the iPad. The design is minimal and complements the devices that are placed inside. We find most cases on the market to be over engineered and redundant. The iPad was meant to be held, flesh to aluminum.

Whats the point of protecting a device at the expense of experiencing its form the way it was intended? Were tired of the whole boy in the bubble mentality of the case market and set out to make something a little darker, with more of a focus on the quality of the product itself rather then how many features it has.
Insanely simple.

Check out Autums Web site to purchase this insanely simple and elegant iPad case.

US+U Swivel Pro iPad Case | iPad Cases Blog

Designed to solve a specific functional challenge: We wanted a case that we could hold with one hand, at any angle without restrictions. We designed the Swivel Pro to do just that.
The first and only fully enclosed portfolio case with a 360 swivel handle. The case also includes a kickstand for the typing mode and a notch for the video angle. The Swivel Pro also has a pocket to hold miscellaneous papers/notes as well as a pen/stylus holder. The Swivel Pro comes with a one year warranty and uses a super soft suede on the inside to protect the iPad. In addition, for every Swivel Pro we sell were donating 3% of the purchase price to charity. There is no ending date or cap amount to the giving. The retail price is $59.95 at Were also available in an ever growing number of retail locations.
The Swivel Pro is made of the highest quality man-made leather (animal friendly) with a very soft feel. The inside is fully covered with a micro-fiber suede to protect your iPads case.
Check out the US+U Web site for more information on the Swivel Pro iPad case.
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Louis Vuitton Luxury iPad Case | iPad Cases Blog

Somewhere, sometime, it is bound to happen.
The ever-famous LV trademark will soon come to conquer your Apple iPad with two designs that will entrench the companys luxurious state.
Designer cases are flocking all over to the enchantment of the trendy shoppers. This LV case is remarkably convenient that can go with you as you travel, it is easy to slide your iPad in the case and slip the Louis Vuitton iPad case to your bag or just carry it around. It is very lightweight and provides you the timeless LV look that makes everyone want one. It tenders a genuine protection to your device with a micro fiber core that cleans your screen every time you slip your iPad in and out of the case. This sleeve is deeply stylish and minimalistic. It has a lasting appeal and an attractive workmanship that is really worth your hard-earned money.
Louis Vuitton iPad cases retail for a price of about $370-$390, just what you expect from an extravagant case. It has two designs to choose from, the Monogram and the Monochrome Damier Graphite. You can check their boutique and stores for availability.
Image courtesy of GQ.
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MobileVision Toblino Leather iPad Case | iPad Cases Blog

The professional look of the MobileVision TOBLINO leather iPad case is perfect for traveling to the office, school, or the corner coffee shop.
Uniquely designed for convenient use any time, any place, the TOBLINO case not only offers premium protection but it also doubles as a stand! Without ever taking the iPad out of the case, the TOBLINO allows you to prop up the screen at three different angles, for use on tabletops and desks or for hands-free viewing.
The TOBLINO exterior is made of genuine leather with a soft finish to provide ultimate protection for your iPad, with elegant styling and access to all buttons and ports. Inside, the gray plush microfiber interior keeps the screen free from scratches. Additional padding protects against sharp impacts and punctures, without giving up the slim look of the iPad.
With MobileVision Toblino Leather iPad case, you can go where you like and do what you like and look good doing it. It is priced for only $24.95.

modulR iPad Case | iPad Cases Blog

Introducing modulR, a unique iPad case and accessory system that fuses form and function in a whole new way.
The modulR iPad case is an iPad case + cover with extra protection and extra style. It protects your iPad and extends its uses by attaching to an ever-expanding line of accessories. The solid front cover offers extra protection when youre on the go.
You already know that the iPad is everywhere this holiday season. But what if your special someone already has an iPad? What can you get the iPad fan who has everything?
modulR is a great gift thats designed to complement the iPad. This unique iPad case and complete line of accessories allow the iPad to go places no other iPad has gone before.
Slung across the shoulder for hands and hassle-free use
On the fridge for recipes and shopping lists
Propped up as a digital hub in the home or at work
Attached to a headrest to keep the kids quiet
Snug one-handed comfort and control
And unlike the iPad, modulR falls into most gift budgets with the Case + Cover going for $49 and accessories from $15 $29.
modulR is currently available with FREE domestic shipping at

Marware C.E.O. Hybrid iPad Case | iPad Cases Blog

With sleek style and innovative performance, the C.E.O. Hybrid for iPad is the perfect fusion of the traditional shell case and padded folio case.
Featuring a low-profile, soft exterior and an injection- molded structure, the C.E.O. Hybrid exhibits minimal bulk, rigid support, padded protection and flexible functionality.
The C.E.O. Hybrids sophisticated carbon fiber twill pattern design comes lined with soft suede-like cloth and a multitude of extra features a comfortable, user-friendly hand strap for exceptional non-slip grip when the case is open, multiple angled stand options for viewing, display or typing, an elastic strap to hold the case in the open position, and a snap-tight precision molded closure system with reinforced corner protection. For the iPad user seeking the sleek design of a shell case and the padded protection of a folio case, we have your solution the C.E.O. Hybrid by Marware.
The Marware C.E.O. Hybrid iPad Case is now available for preorder on Marwares Web site.
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iPad Case that Stands: Targus Truss | iPad Cases Blog

Targus Truss iPad Case is a folio type of case that lets you use your iPad on the go along with a firm protection. The exterior is made from tough top-grain leather for strong defense against oil, dirt, dust, drops, bumps and dings.
The interior is scratch-free as it features a soft lining so you do not need to worry about scratching your precious screen. Lock your device securely with the included safety strap that goes all the way from the back to the front of your case. The interior has two side clips and one long clip to make sure that your iPad stays in place.
Sit back, relax and enjoy watching a movie with Targus Truss iPad case as it transforms into a stable landscape stand that is perfect for group watching. It has access to all of the controls and ports such as sleep/wake button, volume buttons, portrait switch lock, microphone, earphone jack and dock connector.
Fashionable and high-quality case with maximum productivity everywhere you go, Targus Truss iPad case retails for $49.99 on their official website and will be available soon along with three selections of colors Beige, Brown and Black.
Images courtesy of Targus.
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