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Sena Cases ZipBook is a zippered, folio-style iPad case that features two zippers to ensure that your iPad is tightly ensconced in its supple leather home. Senas cases are all about the leather, and its high quality stuff; the case is, quite simply, gorgeous. (Its available in black, brown, and red.)
Inside the ZipBook, youll find two leather straps and two elastic ones designed to hold your iPad in place. (No buttons or ports are covered.) On the backside, theres a snap-out kickstand that allows you to prop up the iPad on a table in landscape view. Its all quite tasteful.
However, I find most zipper-based cases more useful as storage devices than as cases, and the ZipBook is no different; its a hassle to zip and unzip, and the zipper teeth get in the way when youre actually using the iPad. If zippers dont bug you, you wont find a nicer leather case, but I think Senas Folio for iPad is a more appropriate choice for people who want to keep an iPad in its case during use.
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