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SwitchEasy Nude Case for iPad is the first line of cases to be offered for Apples latest device and with a spanking newly design (1mm ultra thin case) it could be as naked as it can be.
The ever-famous SwitchEasys everything but the kitchen sink comes along with the case, you can get a hold of two incredibly cool portable fold-out stands (white and black), one screen protector, one microfiber wipe, one squeegee card, two headphone jack protectors, two 30 pin connector protectors and the manual for instructions.
SwitchEasy Nude covers your iPad very well from the dock connector to the 3.5mm jack, and it leaves a nice cut for the different buttons. Also, it fits in very easily, extremely good looking clean case and has a fine grip on it. Further, it comes with six different colors to choose from UltraBlack, UltraClear, White, Fuchsia, Orange and Turquoise.
For those who like thin cases with a lot of freebies go with Switcheasy Nude Case for iPad, it is one of the best slim type cases in the market with a lot more to offer for only $29.99. You can buy directly from SwitchEasy here.
Below, you can watch the unboxing of a brand new SwitchEasy NUDE Ultra Clear case for the iPad:
Also, you can watch a video below on SwitchEasy NUDE Ultra Clear case walk-through on how it fits on the iPad including its other features:
Image courtesy of SwitchEasy.