SwitchEasy TRIG: More Than Just Your Average iPad Sleeve | iPad Cases Blog

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SwitchEasy, known for daring and eccentric designs, debuts its second original case for the Apple iPad line with the SwitchEasy TRIG.
It is more than just your average sleeve as it features a distinctive design that places it atop its competitors. SwitchEasy TRIG iPad case is produced from quality materials and is built with strong external fabrics that also offer a toughened panel to protect your screen at the maximum level. The solid protection of the sleeve keeps your device away from dirt, dust and fortifies its defense against drops, dings, bumps and other impacts.
It is a protective sleeve that requires you to remove your device to access it fully, which also acts as a viewing stand packaged into one, and they called it TRIG. The soft lining lets you slide your Apple iPad inside out smoothly and free from trouble. It possesses a snug fit with the purpose of making certain that your device is safe and sound inside the sleeve.
It is fit to stand, SwitchEasy TRIG iPad case is your perfect partner to compliment your viewing lust as it offers an amazing transformation from a sleeve to a stand. The TRIG can be easily folded and become an instant stable stand to your liking, whether on landscape or portrait mode.
Everything but the kitchen sink, a long-established line from SwitchEasy which along with the TRIG you get as well one anti-static screen film, squeegee card for the screen protector and a microfiber cloth.
SwitchEasy TRIG iPad Case is being offered in six glossy colors: Magnesium, White, Mustard, Blue, Viola and Black. You can buy it directly on their official website for a price of $39.99.
Images courtesy of SwitchEasy.