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Rotate your iPad 360, turn, spin, show and share. Because the only thing holding you back, was holding it up.
Introducing HandStand (patent pending). Now your iPad isnt just revolutionary, its effortless.
This is the simple aha! moment that totally changes how you use, work, play, show and communicate on your iPad. This is the elegant solution to the iPads one ergonomic drawback: holding it while you use it can be awkward and tiring. You can launch apps by accident, scroll when you dont want to, fumble and fuss.
Those days are over. Now the iPads full potential is in the palm of your hand.
An Extension of Your Arm
The HandStand allows you to keep your hand in a comfortable position while turning the iPad for best viewing. Because of this, youll use your iPad more and get more value out of your investment.
1. Flexible, Durable Cover
Molded polyurethane, tough enough for skateboard wheels. Semi-flexible material that takes tons of abuse without scuffing. Conforms to the iPad shape and provides shock-absorbing properties. Molded ridges at the edges for ease of grip and tabletop stability.
2. Safety-Grip HandPad
Thermoplastic ABS that doesnt easily break. Conforms to your fingers natural tendency to rest in a curved state. Provides a solid ridge to help prevent dropping your iPad. The cover rotates around the handpad with a precise indexing mechanism so you can position your iPad at 36 points, like the timing bezel of a fine watch.
3. One-Size-Fits-All Strap
Yep, One-Size-Fits-All. Heavy duty brushed finish elastic. Stable enough to hold the iPad firmly in place, yet designed to easily slip on and off.
4. Multiple-Point Stability
The HandStand rests perfectly at a 3-point triangulated gentle slope for tabletop or desk use, when its not on your hand. Flip the HandPad vertically or horizontally, whenever you wish, for however you choose to use your iPad.
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