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The professional case that turns your iPad into a mobile productivity tool.
The story of the iPad Briefcase from the creator, a medical resident somewhere in North America.
I bought an iPad because I wanted a productivity tool not a toy: As a medical professional, I wanted to read papers on the way to work, share presentations with colleagues, access reference websites on-the-go, and write notes on PDFs during rounds.
Before I bought an iPad I was worried about 2 things: carrying it and losing it. I needed to carry it easily, and needed to keep my hands free to work with them. I also didnt want to sit down somewhere and forget my iPad (like I have lost stethoscopes and pens before it) it needed to be attached to me.
So, when I found the solution (pictured above) that I use every SINGLE day, I wanted to share it with the rest of the world!
This is the case for ANY professional:
Buy it here. (Canadians, shop at par: see store for details)