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I recently had the chance to review the Desk Genie non-slip charging desk stand. The stand isnt an iPhone specific stand, although the iPhone is one of the supported devices in fact, the Desk Genie claims to work with virtually any mobile device.
The stand consists of a plastic base with non-slip feet and an angled cradle with a super sticky rubber pad which you place your device against. The device is kept in place by friction alone. At first, I was slightly wary of leaving my new iPhone 4 in the stand without having a hand ready to catch it, but once I realised how grippy the rubber pad is, I soon stopped worrying. The beauty of this stand is that it will not only work with any mobile device, but it will also support your iPhone in landscape mode.
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Have you recently installed iOS4 on your iPhone 3G only to find that your phone has become unusably slow? Try this quick tip which should speed things up a little bit for you.
Tap Settings, then General, then Spotlight Search. Untick all of the options apart from Apps and Contacts.
You should find that your phone is a little bit quicker!
After a few days of nervous waiting, I finally got my shipping confirmation notice from Apple today to let me know that my iPhone 4 is on the way and will be delivered on Thursday (even though some lucky people seem to have received theirs two full days early!). I decided that this meant it was time to have a look for some kind of case for it.
Ive been using the Incase Slider Case on my iPhone 3GS for the last 18 months or so and Ive loved it, although its starting to show some signs of the constant use that my iPhone suffers: the rubberised coating is about half worn off (I actually prefer the plastic underneath the coating) and there is a crack in the bottom of the case. Id say that its stood up pretty well though for 18 months of constant (ab)use.
I therefore wanted something similar to the Incase Slider Case (which features a removable bottom section to allow you to use the iPhone dock without totally removing the case) for my new iPhone 4 as Im bound to drop it if I dont have a case. I have a Sena UltraSlim pouch which I got for my iPhone 3G which Ill use to protect it until I find the perfect case for my iPhone 4, so Im not in any rush.
Im still looking for the perfect iPhone 4 case, but am thinking of trying out the Marware MicroShell for iPhone 4 as its not that expensive. MobileFun have the widest selection of iPhone 4 cases Ive seen and although lots of them are only available to pre-order at the moment, their service has been second to none when Ive dealt with them in the past.
Watch out for a photo review of the case that I eventually decide on once it arrives!
Id hazard a guess at this being the reason for O2 not attempting to get in on the iPhone 4 pre-order hysteria.
In the US, people are waiting in line to ^pre-order^ their iPhones so that they can wait in line again next week! In the UK, the only place offering iPhone 4 pre-orders is Apple and theyre offering them SIM unlocked. This means that they arent reliant on anyone elses servers to process requests.
My iPhone 4 pre-order went through this afternoon without a hitch. Ive gone against my own advice from earlier and stuck with a 16GB model. I didnt realise at the time of writing that post that the iPhone can transfer photos and videos to iPad over the USB camera connection kit. The main thing I was worried about was space for HD video, but if I can transfer video to my iPad, the problem is reduced somewhat. As an aside, the iPhone 4 will apparently support the VGA adaptor and camera connection kit too, making them even more of a must-have if you can find one, that is.
Image and story viaGizmodo.
Im a Google Reader addict. Its interwoven into my daily workflow and I subscribe to over 100 feeds for my different interests and hobbies and also for work. Although I dont really make use of the starring or sharing features (I use Instapaper for that), I am reliant on it to keep up to date.
I have been using Reeder for iPhone pretty much since it was launched. It was always faster than Byline and NetNewsWire, the main competition and I enjoyed using it more. After the developer, Silvio Rizzi announced that there was going to be an iPad version of Reeder, I held off on buying any other RSS reader, knowing that it would just be a disappointment.
Im glad that I did as Reeder for iPad just blows everything else out of the water. I almost dont want to read any of my unread items on my Mac any more, just so that I can read them in Reeder. The interface is glorious and bordering on perfect and everything is just where youd expect it to be. The pinch to expand feature for your different folders is a nice touch but discovering it isnt essential to the applications use. This kind of discoverable interface is key for iPad apps as relying on gestures that users may or may not know can cause serious usability problems.
Reeder for iPad screenshots
Id definitely recommend picking up a copy of Reeder for iPad if you use Google Reader (and own an iPad, obviously). iPhone owners out there should also grab the (separate) Reeder for iPhone app.
As I watched the gdgt liveblog of the WWDC opening keynote this afternoon, I knew straight away that Apple had done it again. I remember being a bit non-plussed about the design of the iPhone 3G and disappointed when the design wasnt updated for the 3GS, but the features of the phone were enough to sway me.
This time, however, Apple look to have created something of a technological and design masterpiece. From the high resolution display to the ease of video calling to the glass back, iPhone 4 is a major step forward for the iPhone (sorry, iOS) platform.
I cant wait to get my hands on one to give you a proper review. In the meantime, there are plenty of hands on posts around the web to keep you going until June 24th when its available.
We NEED functionality like this. I almost wish I hadnt seen this article at all as I want it NOW.
The Open in functionality in in iPhone OS 3.2 (iPad) makes things noticeably better but it doesnt go far enough.
A Services Menu for iPhone via Release Candidate One.
Having recently received my iPad from Apple, I was on the hunt for a good case. I ordered the Apple case when I bought it, and think it will be good for travelling and for using the iPad for longer typing sessions.
However, I wanted something that I could use on a day-to-day basis at home that would just offer some protection to the most vulnerable parts of the iPad: the corners of the screen and the aluminium back.
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Interesting article over at TUAW on the differences between the way Google and your Mac handle data which affects how syncing happens. Ive experienced this before unless you start from scratch with an empty address book and calendar and add your contacts via Google, youll have issues forever. The most important thing to do before setting up Google Sync is to take a backup of your data so that you can roll back if things go wrong.
If you are currently using MobileMe to sync your data, its a good idea to switch off syncing as well while you play around with Google Sync. That way if something goes wrong, your MobileMe data wont get messed up too.
With perseverance and a little patience, it is possible to set up reliable contact and calendar syncing with Google, but for me, the fire and forget nature of MobileMe is worth the 60 annual fee (less if you get it at Amazon).
I ordered my iPad yesterday. Went for the 64GB Wi-Fi + 3G. Yes, I know its decadent and yes, I know I probably wont use the 3G feature that much and yes, I know Apple will probably release a new version next year that I will want. But I dont care. I am happy to pay the 100 extra for the peace of mind of knowing that I have 3G if I want or need it. I will also have the extra flexibility of being able to buy a micro-SIM card in Europe and making use of local data rates, rather than paying excessive amounts for roaming data.
I have also ordered the Apple case, the camera connection kit and the dock to VGA adaptor. I held off on buying a dock (partly because the order was rapidly approaching 800) mainly because I am hoping that a 3rd party dock will become available that will allow the iPad to be used in both portrait and landscape modes. I already have an Apple Bluetooth keyboard so I didnt need one of those.
As an aside, I wont be buying one of these (even though I really appreciate the design effort!).