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Living up to its name, Treegloo makes environment-friendly iPad cases which are unique and offers distinctive design options.
You have a choice of selecting from professional designs or you can make your own. Each Treegloo iPad case is made-to-order (in the USA) which gives personality to your case and make it stand out.
Made from animal-friendly artificial leather, this UV resistant iPad case from Treegloo uses particular adhesives which are safer for our environment. The padding of the case is eco-friendly as well. The foams applied in the corners of the case are permanently secured to the frame.
Meanwhile, the frame that gives protection to your iPad is made from pine. Every frame is hand-sanded and sealed with organic sealant to give it a shiny finish and avoids from being dried when exposed to the sunlight.
Ebony frames, on the other hand, are stained by hand with an unrefined pigment and covered for safety, resulting in a deep black shade though it still maintains a definite wooden grain. Expect the frames to be precisely cut for ports and buttons plus the paper liners are of top quality.
Treegloo iPad cases offer a unique appeal to your iPad. You can buy the folio case on their official website starting at $35 (for natural frame). You have the power to customize from by picking the cover, liner and the frame itself.
Images courtesy of Treegloo.
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