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Designed to solve a specific functional challenge: We wanted a case that we could hold with one hand, at any angle without restrictions. We designed the Swivel Pro to do just that.
The first and only fully enclosed portfolio case with a 360 swivel handle. The case also includes a kickstand for the typing mode and a notch for the video angle. The Swivel Pro also has a pocket to hold miscellaneous papers/notes as well as a pen/stylus holder. The Swivel Pro comes with a one year warranty and uses a super soft suede on the inside to protect the iPad. In addition, for every Swivel Pro we sell were donating 3% of the purchase price to charity. There is no ending date or cap amount to the giving. The retail price is $59.95 at Were also available in an ever growing number of retail locations.
The Swivel Pro is made of the highest quality man-made leather (animal friendly) with a very soft feel. The inside is fully covered with a micro-fiber suede to protect your iPads case.
Check out the US+U Web site for more information on the Swivel Pro iPad case.
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